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Third: Daniela Dubovici




Week of January 15th -19th

Religion: Chapter 13

Faith Focus: Jesus cured people and brought them back to life as a sign of the new life he brings to us.

Chapter 13: By the end of this chapter, students will be able to describe Jesus’ compassion for people who suffer through the story of his healing the man with leprosy, explain that personal sins hurt others, describe Jesus’ power over life and death, and tell how Jesus’ healing miracles announced God’s kingdom.

Religion Chapter 13 Test- Friday, January 19th


Chapter 9: We will continue to work on chapter 9. This week we will focus on problem-solving and multiplying and dividing by 11 and 12.

Check progress quiz- Wednesday, January 17th.

 Chapter 9 test – Friday, January 19th.

I will send home a review sheet for the test.


Unit 2, Week 4

Essential Question: How can people help animals survive?

Genre: Expository Text

Spelling/Phonics: 3 letter blends

Vocabulary: success, caretakers, population, recognized, relatives, resources, survived, threatened

Spelling Words: scrubs, screams, scratch, scrape, screen, spread, splash, spray, streak, strength, strong, squeak, three, throw, thread, wrote, knife, sign, streamer, scribble

Spelling Test– Monday, January 22nd

Social Studies

Project: A Native American Shelter is due Friday, January 19th

We will continue to explore chapter 3 and learn more about early communities in America.

Chapter 3: Early Communities in America

Vocabulary for this chapter includes: ancient, canyon, cliff, culture, desert, mesa, technology, bay, colony, colonist, slavery

Project: A Native American Shelter

Due: January 19th

Native American groups each had their own unique culture and they used the natural resources around them to build shelters. I will provide students with reference books, illustrations, and online resources of different Native American shelters.  Students will have to choose a shelter to construct. They will have to clearly label their shelter with the name commonly used for it and write brief information about the shelter. Students can use any type of materials that Native Americans did to build their shelters.  If you have any materials that would be helpful to our class for this project please share it with us.



2017-2018 Supply List Grade 3

1 subject notebook (1 of each) – Purple, Blue, Green, Red
1 red folder (plastic works best)
1 folder of choice (any color or design)

1 Composition Notebook (can be marble or any design)
1 Black notebook (for music)

Wide-ruled loose leaf paper (we won’t be using this right away but they will need it as the year progresses)
Ruler (with inches and centimeters)

Lots of #2 Pencils – Yellow only please (the others tend to get stuck in the sharpener)

Colored pencils

Hand sharpener

1 Highlighter any color


Glue (can be bottle or stick)

2 boxes of tissues

1 package of baby wipes

Crayon box (box or pouch)
Thin white board markers


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