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Second: Angela Simmons



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Welcome to Mrs. Simmons Second Grade classroom!

ELAStudents will start Unit 6 in reading. We will be working on adjectives, compound words, and open and closed syllables. We will also learn about rereading and themes. We are continuing to work on the steps to write a paragraph.

Math– Students will be working on Chapter 11 Data Analysis. Students will practice using tally charts, bar graphs and picture graphs.Please help your child at home by practicing math facts with them.

Religion-We will be working on Chapter 23 We are one in the Church. We will be learning about the different roles we have in the church along with priest and deacons.

Science– We will be starting Chapter 11 Motion and Energy. We will learning about how speed, force, and gravity play a role in moving objects.

Social Studies– Students will be learning about money and economics. We will focus on wants versus needs and why we need these things. We will also talk about how to save money.

Upcoming Test

6/9 Religion Chapter 23

Calendar Events

6/8 2nd & 5th grade field trip to Auburn Fire Department

6/9 Field Days- Dress Down -Please make sure your child wears sneakers and sunscreen.

6/12 2nd -5th grade filed trip to the O’hara Agricultural Museum and City Hall.

6/13 K-2 Picnic- Students will have pizza provided for lunch and a treat after. Students may dress down and please make sure they have sunscreen and sneakers on.

6/19 & 6/20 Dress Down

6/21 Last day of school. Dress up for 9 a.m. mass. We will dismiss at 11:30 a.m.

Spelling-Students will have spelling homework during the week. Students have been given a “Spellers Choice Menu” to choose from some nights for homework. If it is a “Free Choice” night on the homework sheet, students may choose any one of the activities to complete. If a test is not given during the week then a notebook grade will be taken. The spelling list does consist of 15 words.

List #26-  Closed: Ex. lady ( makes a long vowel sound) and Open Syllables: Ex. kitten (have a short vowel and constant on the end).

  1. pencil
  2. magnet
  3. publish
  4. supper
  5. letter
  6. lady
  7. gravy
  8. solo
  9. open
  10. odor
  11. lead
  12. touch
  13. door
  14. front
  15. someone


Monday- Music and Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Music and Gym

Thursday- Computers

Friday- Classroom Library and Gym


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