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Fourth: Anne Marie Duffy

Welcome to Mrs. Duffy’s 4th grade Web Page!! 

Upcoming Dates for the Week of September 17th, 2018

* Band papers need to be returned by September 20th if your child is going to play an instrument this year.

* Please note we will also be going to the computer lab to begin i-Ready testing this week. Please make sure your child has a pair of headphones to keep at school.

* Grades K-5 open house will be Tuesday evening, 9/18 at 6pm. Hope to see you all there!

* Dress down for a Cause on 9/21 (food pantry)!

* Check out our specials schedule on the bottom of this page. I also posted it on my classroom page on Bloomz!

* Please note I update my webpage weekly with what we are learning and any upcoming tests and quizzes.


ReligionWe are continuing with Unit 1, week #1 with talking about the goodness of God. We will finishing up “Ex Nihilo” (out of nothing) and God’s story of creation, and then discuss how we are created in God’s image and the roles we are given at Baptism. There will be a quiz on Less 1-3 Tuesday, 9/18. There are 6 vocabulary words and 4 True/False. 

ELAWe are continuing with Unit #1, week #1 in our textbook. The theme is “Where do good ideas come from?” We are continuing The Princess and the Pizza with comprehension questions, synonyms and context clues. We will be working on Types of Sentences in grammar. There will be a Vocabulary and Story Quiz on Thursday, 9/20. 

Math: We will finish Chapter 1: Place Value this week with rounding and some problem solving. If all goes well with rounding numbers, we will review Wednesday and have our first Chapter 1 Test Thursday, 9/20. If not, I will plan on the Chapter 1 Test Friday, 9/21. We are resolving some issues with IXL, and passwords will come home soon so your child can practice these math skills in addition to time we spend in class.

Social Studies: We are moving along with Chapter 1: The Geography of New York, learning about the landforms in our state and how glaciers have made our Finger Lakes and Great Lakes. This week we will learn about the 6 regions of NYS and begin bodies of water in NY.

Science: We are continuing Chapter 2: The Animal Kingdom and are finishing up the 7 classes of vertebrates. We will begin learning about the body systems of animals and apply that to our own bodies. There will be science homework this week and students need to have their textbook to help them complete the assignments.

We have crayfish coming Sept. 25th for our unit on living organisms!! It is very exciting!


Specials Schedule:

Monday: Art and Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Technology and Music

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Library

4th Grade School Supply List


1 subject spiral notebooks with different colored covers:  1 each for ELA (blue), Science (green), Social Studies (red), Religion (purple)

1 marbled composition notebook (ELA Journal)

2 folders (1 labeled take home, the other labeled work in progress)

1-2 highlighters (any colors)

1 crayon box (nothing too large as it won’t fit in lockers or desks)

1 box of crayons

1 pkg of colored pencils

1 pencil sharpener (for colored pencils)


many #2 pencils

1 eraser

Looseleaf paper

1 paperback English dictionary (preferably Webster’s and make sure the print size is readable)

ruler (must have both inches and centimeters)

2-3 glue sticks

3 boxes of Kleenex

3 extra large book covers (ELA, Social Studies, Science)

1 pair of headphones (used for I-ready assessments)


** Because students use small lockers, no rolling backpacks or large trapper keepers please!

** Be sure your child has a pair of sneakers to change into for gym classes!


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