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Fourth: Anne Marie Duffy

Welcome to Mrs. Duffy’s 4th grade Web Page!! 

Upcoming Dates for the Week of February 11th, 2019

* Valentine’s Day lists will be coming home later this week if you signed up to bring anything (I believe we are having an ice cream sundae snack). If your child is going to pass out Valentines, make sure there is one for every student in our class.

* Dress out day for Thursday, 2/14 and Friday 2/15!

* First Friday Mass on March 1st will be done by the 4th graders. Mass will be 9am at St. Alphonsus.

* Please note I update my webpage weekly with what we are learning and any upcoming tests and quizzes.


ReligionWe are finishing up Lesson 3 on the Ten Commandments. There will be a quiz on Lessons 1-3 on Tuesday, 2/12. We will begin Lesson 4 looking at the 1st through 3rd Commandments. Father Miller will also be visiting our class this week to teach a lesson.

ELAWe are going to finish Unit 4, Week 4 with the theme of How do you explain what you see in the night sky? We will be finishing up our main story of Why Does the Moon Change Shape? and working on comprehension questions, reviewing story vocabulary and possessive nouns. Hopefully we have time for a Scholastic News at the end of this week and some skill practice. There will be a story/vocab quiz on Friday, 2/15 (if I can, I will move the quiz to Thursday, 2/14). 

Math: We are continuing Chapter 5: Patterns and Sequences. We are working on input/output tables and order of operations this week and will have a quiz on Lessons 5-7 Wednesday, 2/13. If students need more help with order of operations, I will move the quiz to Thursday, 2/14.  Please have your child practice IXL at home for about 15 minutes per night to reinforce the skills we are learning in class.

Social Studies: We are finishing Chapter 5: The Revolutionary War with the final battle/surrender in Yorktown, Virginia. A study guide went home last Friday and we will have our Chapter 5 test on Friday, 2/15. 

Science: We are continuing Chapter 8: The Solar System and working on comets, meteoroids and asteroids this week. It was fun to study the planets and look at at the newest NASA images. Hopefully we will finish this chapter when we return from winter recess so plan on a Ch. 8 Science test after winter vacation.

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Art and Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Technology and Music

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Library

4th Grade School Supply List


1 subject spiral notebooks with different colored covers:  1 each for ELA (blue), Science (green), Social Studies (red), Religion (purple)

1 marbled composition notebook (ELA Journal)

2 folders (1 labeled take home, the other labeled work in progress)

1-2 highlighters (any colors)

1 crayon box (nothing too large as it won’t fit in lockers or desks)

1 box of crayons

1 pkg of colored pencils

1 pencil sharpener (for colored pencils)


many #2 pencils

1 eraser

Looseleaf paper

1 paperback English dictionary (preferably Webster’s and make sure the print size is readable)

ruler (must have both inches and centimeters)

2-3 glue sticks

3 boxes of Kleenex

3 extra large book covers (ELA, Social Studies, Science)

1 pair of headphones (used for I-ready assessments)


** Because students use small lockers, no rolling backpacks or large trapper keepers please!

** Be sure your child has a pair of sneakers to change into for gym classes!


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