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Fourth: Anne Marie Duffy

Welcome to Mrs. Duffy’s 4th grade Web Page!! 

Upcoming Dates for the Week of  January 15th, 2018.

* Dress Out on Friday, January 19th with a $1.00 donation for Night to Shine

*Scholastic Book Orders for January went home and will be due this Friday, 1/19.

* No School Monday 1/15 for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

* Catholic Schools Week is coming the week of January 28th! More information to come.

*Our 4th grade Special Persons Day during CSW will be on Tuesday, Jan. 30th from 9:45-11:00ish. Students will be doing their Revolutionary War presentations and may go to the Book Fair with their special person.

* See our specials schedule at the bottom of this page.


Here is what we are working on in each subject and the dates of tests and quizzes!

Religion: We are moving on to Unit #4, which looks at Commandments #4-10 and shows us how to love others and respect ourselves. This week, we will complete Chapter 14: We Honor and Obey, which looks at how we love and respect our parents and others in authority as they speak to us from God. Chapter 14 Religion Quiz will be Friday, 1/19.

ELA: We are going to be in the computer lab working on I-ready assessment data this week so we will not be starting a new story/spelling/vocabulary. We hope to begin a writing piece for our Special Persons Day at the end of this week.

Math: We are continuing Chapter 13: Division of Whole Numbers. We are going to continue the same process, looking at where to put the first digit in the quotient and how the Distributive Property works (like a bar diagram). I am planning a mid-chapter quiz for Wednesday, 1/17 as we will have practiced the skill in large and small group. Mrs. Cirincione and I will continue to work with our small groups but students also need to practice at home. Please continue to work with your child practicing math facts daily.

Social Studies 4: We are continuing Chapter 4: Life in Colonial New York. This week we will complete the chapter looking at farm life and city life and how the French and Indian War caused Britain to increase taxes which will not make colonists happy. Note packets will go home this week and I am having a Chapter 4 test on Colonial America next Tuesday, 1/23. A study guide will also be coming home (it’s a short test).  A Revolutionary War project came home this past week that will be due on our special persons day during Catholic Schools Week. Your child will be dressing up as a Revolutionary War hero/heroine they chose in class and presenting some research they do. Lots of fun! Please look for it!

Social Studies 5: We are just about finished with Lesson 1 on the Economic Regions of the U.S. and students will have a review assignment Tuesday. We are moving on to Lesson 2: Economic Regions of Canada which will take us into the beginning of the following week (1/22).

Here is a schedule of our specials:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Art & Music

Thursday: None (hopefully we will visit our reading buddies and go to the computer lab)

Friday: Gym

4th Grade School Supply List


1 subject spiral notebooks with different colored covers:  1 each for ELA (blue), Science (green), Social Studies (red), Religion (purple) and Music (black)

1 marbled composition notebook (ELA Journal)

2 folders (1 labeled take home, the other labeled work in progress)

1-2 highlighters (any colors)

1 crayon box (nothing too large as it won’t fit in lockers or desks)

1 box of crayons

1 pkg of colored pencils

1 pencil sharpener (for colored pencils)


many #2 pencils

1 eraser

Looseleaf paper

1 paperback English dictionary (preferably Webster’s and make sure the print size is readable)

ruler (must have both inches and centimeters)

2-3 glue sticks

1 package of dry erase markers (either thick or thin)

3 boxes of Kleenex

1 package of baby wipes

3 extra large book covers (ELA, Social Studies, Science)

1 pair of headphones (used for I-ready assessments)


** Because students use small lockers, no rolling backpacks or large trapper keepers please!

** Be sure uniform gym clothes are ordered and have your child’s name/initials on the inside tag before the first day        of school!


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