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August 16, 2017


Dear Parents/ Guardians of St. Joseph Students:

It’s time—for a new school year to begin!!!!

I hope everyone has had a refreshing and action packed summer. By the looks of the various postings on Facebook it certainly looks like this summer was a true adventure!

I am looking forward to an exciting, successful, and rewarding school year at St. Joseph and I hope you are as well. Our First Day of School (“New Year’s Day”) will be September 6. Please see the attached bulletin for the important particulars about the opening week of school.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation! If you have any questions or need assistance with the start of the school year please call us at 253-8327.


Michael Carney



School Information 2017-2018

First Day: The first day of school for Grades K-8 will be Wednesday, September 6. Students may enter the building at 8:15 AM in the Parish Center Foyer. They will be released to class at 8:30 AM and are expected to be in their assigned classroom by 8:40 AM.  Parents are welcome to accompany their child to class during this first week of school. After that we ask that you say good-bye at the front of the building and allow your child to move to his/her classroom independently. This process will help our teachers to establish their morning routine. (Please note that children will be marked tardy if they arrive in the classroom after 8:40 AM).

Uniforms: Sorry kids, no dress out day on the first day of school! Please come dressed in your school uniform. Information concerning the school uniform can be found in our website at www.sjsauburn.org  Our Dress Code is located in the drop down under the “ABOUT” tab of our website (And in the handbook, also located on the website.). Please note that the school uniform will be an area of emphasis for the school this year. All students will be expected to be dressed in the correct school uniform. Inconsistencies in the uniform appearance will be brought to your attention. Our uniform is provided by Land’s End. Please visit www.landsend.com to order uniform components.

Drop-Off:  Please drive slowly and carefully in our parking lot. Arrows on the black top will direct cars through the parking lot in a loop type fashion. Please enter the parking lot through small drive way and follow the arrows through the loop. Drop off students near the shrine on the outside of the gym and continue through the loop. If you need to park, please proceed to an available spot, do not park in the loop.

Pick-Up: The school day ends at 2:30 PM for Preschool students, 2:45 PM for Grades K and at 2:54 PM for Grades 1-8. Preschoolers will be dismissed out the side of the school to the side parking lot. Other walkers and riders will be dismissed through the Parish Center doors to the front parking lot.

Bus Transportation: Please contact your local school district if you have applied for a bus pass but have not received it yet. Please remember that Auburn School District buses drop off and pick up at our school’s back door on Lawton Street and outlying districts drop off and pick up at the circle in front of St. Alphonsus Church.

School Supplies: Your school supply list is included with this letter. Check your teacher’s website first if you need information and then call school if you have any further questions.

Lunch Program: For students desiring a hot lunch, this service will begin on Wednesday, September 7. Our lunch service will be provided by the Auburn Enlarged City School District. The district has not completed their plans for our lunch delivery service so I can’t share much about that. I can say, however, that lunch will be direct pay. That means students will pay cash directly to the lunch personnel. Please note that the office will not be able to supply lunch money for any student. As more details emerge with the district we will provide more information. Free and reduced lunch applications are available through Mrs. Pike in the main office.

Finances:  Please make sure to have your FACTS account set up and tuition payments paid on a regular basis. To avoid difficulty with tuition payments choose the auto pay option. If you need information or have questions about the financial aspects of attending St. Joseph, then please call us, we would be happy to work with you.

Grey Envelope: The Grey Envelope will continue to be a staple for St. Joseph communication. Please look for it every Wednesday. It contains important information for all families. Our first Grey envelope of the year will be coming home on September 6. Please look at your envelope carefully as there are important forms that need to be filled out and returned. Please make sure to return the envelope to the school as well as requested forms.

Volunteers: Many hands make for light work! St. Joseph School can always use you as a volunteer. Opportunities to help the children of our school are many and varied. The lunch program, our various fundraisers, and the classrooms are areas of need throughout the year. Maybe you have a special skill or talent you would like to share or just a desire to help our students succeed. Age is no barrier! If you are interested in volunteering please talk with the School Principal or your child’s classroom teacher. Anyone wishing to volunteer at St. Joseph School must complete a 4 minute, online, Diocesan mandated training program, “Creating a Safe Environment” and a free background check (at no charge). Please see Mrs. Pike for access information for this training. The more parents who are trained the easier it is for us to provide supervision and assistance for our students.

Fundraisers: Fundraising is critical to the health and future of our school. Without healthy fundraising the tuition would be unaffordable. Fundraising doesn’t just happen. It takes the time and talent of dedicated parents as organizers and general volunteers. When contacted about lending your time and talent to a fundraiser please generously consider helping. Fundraisers help build school community, keep tuition costs low, help meet new friends, and provide needed funds for the school.

Before School/After School Care: After School care will begin on September 6. Please remember that all children need to be picked up by 5:30 PM. Before School Care will begin on Thursday, September 7. Doors will open at 6:30 AM. We are always looking for individuals to help with Before and After Care. We do pay for this service. If you have time or know someone who does and you like to pick up a little extra money, please contact the Principal at 253-8327.


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