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Third: Daniela Dubovici




Week of May 21, 2018


Chapter 24: God’s Family Celebrates the Eucharist

Faith Focus: Jesus is present in our celebration of the Eucharist and speaks to us in the Liturgy of the Word

In this chapter students will learn that Jesus gave us the Eucharist at the Last Supper, describe the Eucharistic sacrifice as a sacred meal, and identify the Eucharist with Jesus’ real presence.

Religion test: Friday, May 25th


This week we will review multiples of 10 using strategies based on place value and properties of operations. We will also review measuring capacity to find out what kind of containers might hold more than 1 liter of liquid.


Unit 4 Week 3

Essential Question: How do animals adapt to the challenges in their habitats?

Grammar: main and helping verbs

Genre: Expository text

Vocabulary: shelter, alert, competition, environment, excellent, prefer, protection, related

Spelling Words: taught, hauls, caused, paused, squawk, drawing, crawl, flawless, lawn, salt, talked, halls, water, bought, thoughtless, inches, cities, cherries, walrus, autumn

Spelling test:  Friday, May 25th.


Last week we finished up simple machines with an in class project.  Students had fun working on their catapults. Now, we are going to focus on solar system.





2017-2018 Supply List Grade 3

1 subject notebook (1 of each) – Purple, Blue, Green, Red
1 red folder (plastic works best)
1 folder of choice (any color or design)

1 Composition Notebook (can be marble or any design)
1 Black notebook (for music)

Wide-ruled loose leaf paper (we won’t be using this right away but they will need it as the year progresses)
Ruler (with inches and centimeters)

Lots of #2 Pencils – Yellow only please (the others tend to get stuck in the sharpener)

Colored pencils

Hand sharpener

1 Highlighter any color


Glue (can be bottle or stick)

2 boxes of tissues

1 package of baby wipes

Crayon box (box or pouch)
Thin white board markers


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