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Third: Daniela Dubovici





May 20, 2019



Practice multiplication tables every day!

Read 20 minutes a day!

May 23rd: Movie Day: Lego 2 Movie –  Bring a snack /drink to enjoy while watching the movie

May 30th: Ascension Thursday Mass – 3rd Grade Leading


  Unit 6: Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother

We will continue learning about Mary, our Blessed Mother. This week we will focus on The Luminous and Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.


Chapter 11: Area

In this chapter students will explore two-dimensional shapes by measuring lengths of sides to find perimeter and by determining square units to calculate area. We will use pattern blocks, rules, tiles, grid papers, diagrams and geoboards to solve problems.

Vocabulary: area, composite figure, unit square, square unit, formula


 Mad Minute Packet – due Friday, May 24th.

ELA: Unit 5, Week 5

Essential Question: What are different kinds of energy?

Genre: Expository Text

Grammar: Pronoun/verb contraction

Vocabulary: renewable, energy, natural, pollution, produce, replace, sources, traditional

Spelling words: pilot, favor, cover, tiny, silent, diner, lemon, shady, label, spider, tiger, planet, robot, frozen, cozy, tried, hurried, studying, melon, stomach

Spelling Test: Friday, May 24th.


Chapter 9: Observing Matter

This week we will learn how matter changes state when energy is added or taken away.

Social Studies: Communities Celebrate Holidays

We will discuss Memorial Day facts, meaning, and traditions.



Our Specials for Each Week:

Monday: Art & Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Technology & Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Library/Spanish




2018-2019 Supply List Grade 3

1 subject notebook (1 of each) – Purple, Blue, Green, Red
1 red folder (plastic works best)
1 folder of choice (any color or design)

1 Composition Notebook (can be marble or any design)

Wide-ruled loose leaf paper (we won’t be using this right away but they will need it as the year progresses)
Ruler (with inches and centimeters)

Lots of #2 Pencils – Yellow only please (the others tend to get stuck in the sharpener)

Colored pencils

Hand sharpener

1 Highlighter any color


Glue (can be bottle or stick)

3 boxes of tissues

3 package of baby wipes

Crayon box (box or pouch)

 1 set of 4 White board markers (any color)

1 pair of headphones 



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