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Second: Angela Simmons

Welcome to Mrs. Simmons Second Grade classroom!

Upcoming Events

*Please make sure you send in a daily snack  for your child.

5/25 Healing Field at Hoopes Park- If you plan on bringing your child to sing with the school, please please meet us at 6:40 p.m. at the clubhouse. Please plan on taking your child after they sing.

5/28 No School Memorial Day

5/31 Last Morning Program

*Don’t forget to turn in your child’s school registration.

Weekly Test- Students will be sent with either a  textbook, notebook, or chapter review sheet to study from.


5/25 Spelling Test List #25

5/25 Religion Chapter Test Chapter 22

ELAWe will be starting Unit 5. We will learning about point of view in a story, making predictions, possessive pronouns, and contraction possessive pronouns. We will practicing writing our spelling in cursive.  Please continue to read with your child at home.

Math– Chapter 8 test on arrays will be on Tuesday. Chapter 10 Money. Students will be learning about identifying dollar and coins and their value amounts. Students will be using their math notebooks to add vocabulary cards and examples. Please continue to practice math facts with your child. You can also work on different math skills be reviewing  on IXL.com

Religion–  Fantastic job by the second grade class on the May Crowning Mass. Chapter 21 We receive the Bread of Life. We will be learning about the communion and how it represents Jesus’ body.  They will include the Hail Mary, Our Father, Act of Contrition, and Guardian Angel prayer according to our textbook.

Science– Chapter 1 Plants and Animals. We we will reviewing parts of a plant and how they grow. We will discuss what animals and plants need to survive.

Social Studies– We will be learning about different landmarks and monuments. We will also be discussing the meaning of Memorial Day.

Spelling-Students will have spelling homework during the week. Students have been given a “Spellers Choice Menu” to choose from some nights for homework.  If a test is not given during the week then a notebook grade will be taken. The spelling list does consist of 15 words. Please encourage your child to write neatly.

List #25- Variant Vowels letters- e, o, i

1. dead                   9. gym

2. ahead                 10. myth

3. lead                   11. small

4. thread               12.chalk

5. bread                13.instead

6. breath              14. whole

7.touch                 15. words

8. trouble


Monday- Music

Tuesday- Gym

Wednesday- Music and Art

Thursday- Computers

Friday- Gym and Classroom Library


Second Grade Supply List 2017-2018

2 one subject spiral notebook with a plastic cover

1 composition notebook

two pocket folder (plastic works the best)

1 clipboard

art smock (any old type of shirt or apron with your child’s name on the collar)

zip lock pouch crayon box with your child’s name on the inside

2 boxes of #2 pencils/separate easers


colored pencils

pencils sharpener


ruler ( inches and centimeters)

1 bottle of glue and 4 glue sticks

3 boxes of Kleenex

3 packages of baby wipes

headphones in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it

*We will have a daily snack in the afternoon. Please make sure you send a snack on a daily basis or a box of snacks for the week.

*Please make sure your child has sneakers for gym and recess.

*Don’t forget to bring in your favorite book and a smile.




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