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Physical Education & Health Education: Heather Boyden

Communicate with me through email heather.boyden@dor.org or Join me on Bloomz enter code 6S4F8T

Physical Education

*****Please always be prepared to go outside during PE*****


P.E. Student of the Month!


Pre-K – Dean Epperson

K-2 – Lucas Fitzgerald

3-5 – Timothy Eddy & Ethan Jensen

6-8 – Enrique Hernandez


 Current Units 

Pre-K – 2 – Utilization

3-8 – Volleyball



Grades 5-8

5 point scale

2 points for changing uniform & sneakers

1 point for affective domain – respectful to others & equipment and sportsmanship

1 point for psychomotor domain – demonstrates effort in skills during class activities and participation

1 point for cognitive domain – understands and follows rules and applies strategies to games

0 unprepared, no participation

Written quizzes/assignments will be given after different units.

Uniform Standards – Grey shirt with blue or green shorts, all with St. Joseph logo on them and sneakers!

Grades K-4

Attitude, Behavior, Participation & Prepared (sneakers)

+ Great behavior/attitude, full participation

 √ Moderate behavior/attitude, full participation

–  Poor behavior/attitude, little to no participation

0 not prepared, no participation


Health Education

Topic: Mental & Emotional Health Chapters 1-7

Test October 17th Chapter 1 & 2

Test Corrections Due October 26th before we leave for the field trip-no later. For each incorrect answer write the question and correct answer 3 times each

Mental Health Project Due November 14th!

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