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Fourth: Anne Marie Duffy

Welcome to Mrs. Duffy’s 4th grade Web Page!! 

Upcoming Dates for the Week of January 21st, 2019

Catholic Schools Week information came home in the gray envelope this week! 4th Grade Special Persons Day is scheduled for Wednesday, January 30th from 10:45 – 11:45 am. If you signed up to bring something for our snack, papers will be going home this week.

* Scholastic Book Orders went home for January and are due Tuesday, 1/22.

* If you haven’t done so, please send in a package of combs for the Blessing bags we are making for Catholic Week!

* Field trip permission slips and money are due ASAP for our spring field trip to Syracuse. Tickets must be paid ahead to reserve our seats.

* Please note I update my webpage weekly with what we are learning and any upcoming tests and quizzes.


ReligionWe are finished with Unit #3, and students will be completing an open book test on the unit in class this week. We will begin Unit #4 on the Ten Commandments later this week.

ELAWe are going to be working on some writing pieces this week and some reading skills in our Scholastic News. Next week, we will begin Unit 4, week #4  with an informational text on the Moon which goes along with our science unit we will be studying.

Math: We will finish Chapter 13: Division with a bit of problem solving and quotients with zeros. We will review and have a Chapter 13: Division test on Friday, 1/25. Please help your child review as this has been a challenging chapter for them. Please have your child practice IXL at home for about 15 minutes per night to reinforce the skills we are learning in class.

Social Studies: We are finished with Chapter 4: Life in Colonial America, and a study guide and highlighted note packet went home this past week. The Chapter 4: Colonial NY test will be Wednesday, 1/23. 

A project on the Revolutionary War was sent home this week and is due on our Special Persons Day. This project goes along with our next Chapter on the war! Students are very excited and can’t wait until we begin Chapter 5 later this week! 

Science: We are going to begin Chapter 8: The Solar System this week. We will be looking at Earth’s rotation and revolution as well as begin the Phases of the Moon.

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Art and Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Technology and Music

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Library

4th Grade School Supply List


1 subject spiral notebooks with different colored covers:  1 each for ELA (blue), Science (green), Social Studies (red), Religion (purple)

1 marbled composition notebook (ELA Journal)

2 folders (1 labeled take home, the other labeled work in progress)

1-2 highlighters (any colors)

1 crayon box (nothing too large as it won’t fit in lockers or desks)

1 box of crayons

1 pkg of colored pencils

1 pencil sharpener (for colored pencils)


many #2 pencils

1 eraser

Looseleaf paper

1 paperback English dictionary (preferably Webster’s and make sure the print size is readable)

ruler (must have both inches and centimeters)

2-3 glue sticks

3 boxes of Kleenex

3 extra large book covers (ELA, Social Studies, Science)

1 pair of headphones (used for I-ready assessments)


** Because students use small lockers, no rolling backpacks or large trapper keepers please!

** Be sure your child has a pair of sneakers to change into for gym classes!


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